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Changing Times
written by John Ink2Quill

Times are a changing and that change has been characterized by many things in all our cultures. One example is that of a `wheel´ to describe the cyclical nature of things. Nature seems at least partially cyclical with seasons, mating periods, hunting and growing seasons and so much more. But is that an accurate description of changing times? Or is it a way to fill in the parts we don´t understand of change? Is a wheel the best way we can describe events and anything that outlives us, exceeds our understanding?

What about a pendulum? Yes, the idea that things swing from one end to the other, from one extreme to another. Now this is overly simplistic too. It assumes only two extremes and a fixed, known direction of things. That is not always the case. As a matter of fact I feel it is only applicable for a narrow range of cases like a university physics courses or pseudo-intellectual conversation.

Is that the only way we can describe a birth- death -rebirth system?

But all that is just rabbling because nobody can predict the changes coming to, say, the internet or even travel. What will the changes be to the international internet or even just the western internet? So many people, including myself, wonder with dread, if any restrictions are headed our way as consumers. Given that content on the internet is slowly being charged for. To put it more precisely, more and more content is paid content. I just hope that it does not squeeze out all the wonderful free content out there. I wouldn´t want to be charged for every video, e-book, audio-book, blog or even comment section of a video or article. I hope we are all living in the beginning of the golden age of content and not the end of it. That would be a crying shame.

Let´s make sure these changing times are headed in the right direction where a person has the basic freedoms and the freedom to access the digital world.

John Ink2Quill

Medical, Technical, Academic and Creative Writer, blogger, tutor and writing consultant.